Nätyn yhteispohjoismainen dubbauskurssi 23.–28.1. 2017

Nordic Common Studies



The Degree Programme in Theatre Works in Tampere University, Finland offers a workshop in Voice-Over for Animation 23.–28.1. 2017.


The workshop is aimed at third-year actor students and is organised in collaboration with Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


The workshop focuses on:


  • how to read the character (the voice, the bodylanguage etc.)
  • different voices and voice colours, how to find them and how to work with them
  • what happens when you are making a test recording for an animated character 
  • how to "over-act" in right way
  • what happens in studio when you are making an animated movie or tv-serie and what are the differences
  • how to bring together the precise technical work and "grazy" acting in your voice 
  • difficulties and differences between the original version and e.g. Finnish version
  • how is it different to dub live actors in film than animated ones


The course consists of making voice-overs and sounds for an animation: creating Foley sounds on a dub stage and synchronizing additional dialogue as part of the post-production process. During the workshop the students will also create a voice/soundscape for a short animation in small groups and perform it live together with sound design students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.





Petra Karjalainen is a professional actor, singer and an authorised Complete Vocal Technique singing teacher. She graduated from Theatre Academy, Helsinki, in 1995. After that she has worked in theatre, tv, film and animation. She works in Tampereen Työväen Teatteri (TTT-Theatre) and but has done many leading roles in musicals also in other theatres in Southern Finland. Petra has done dozens of Finnish dubbings for animated films and cartoons; for Disney, Fox, Pixar, Laika and DreamWorks. Petra has been, for example, the voice of Finnish Daisy Duck for almost 20 years.


Ari Koivumäki has worked 13 years in Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) as a Sound Engineer and later as a teacher of Sound Design and principal lecturer of Media Production in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. He has been awarded a diploma of Licentiate of Arts in Theatre and Drama 2001 from the Theatre Academy.


Tiina Syrjä (D.A) is university lecturer in voice and speech at the Degree Programme of Theatre Work, University of Tampere. She has an almost 30 years experience in teaching with stage voice. She is speech therapist, vocologist, yoga teacher and teacher in Alexander Technique. Moreover she works as an actress and conductor in Tampere Playback Theatre. She has given presentations and workshops in various universities and theatre schools both in Finland and abroad.